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Nov 13

Wedding videos offer more than just a four-hour real day with blurry photos and music that is cheesy. Modern videographers can take pictures of your most memorable moments that can be enjoyed for the rest of your time in the most modern formats that will never become out of style! With the abundance of portfolios there to choose from, it's difficult to choose the right one who is capable of taking on the task of telling a story that will last forever about what happens "happily every day". This is the reason wedding videographer and photographer oahu selected some of the most popular styles and techniques Please take a look at our collection and let your creativity be a part of your life.

Unusual moments

It's a time to celebrate with you, your spouse, and everyone else who has been there to support this day. The traditional wedding video is focused on the bride and groom but does not forget to include footage of their families throughout the exciting time of filming including the nieces and nephews who are present! Imagine the smiles of everyone when they're all presented together, just hours before they are set to celebrate what is bound to be a memorable anniversary, with family members by their close by once more.

Interview Segments, Voiceovers, and voiceovers

Interviews and voiceovers are able to be included in the video to express emotions. This is the idea behind Kevin's brand new collection of two videos, which features voiceovers of relatives and audio recordings from Pei Yein's brothers discussing their childhood memories with her mother to create a touching project that will leave you with a tear at the end of the day!

Attractive introductions

You don't need to start off your video by describing the morning routine anymore. Couples could choose to film that they enjoy typically one of the spouses vowing or people greeting newlyweds straight from the start! What about doing something different than Eric and Shana's prelude, which involves the two of them fighting over water on camera in order to capture the day prior to the wedding? This could be more intriguing than the typical opening sequences because everyone loves an old-fashioned sibling rivalry that can spice things up every now and then.

Aerial shots

Aerial photographs that show the love of a couple is typically taken with drones (a moving robot). The majority of couples like aerial footage to capture romantic moments, however, Oliver and Weiyen had their own plans - they wanted to create a thrilling race sequence! The music that pumped their hearts disappears as the video moves into their room, and lights flicker. The video then appears like you're awakening from a sleep, breakfast is ready at the bedside until the reality of your life hits you... up until you witness him opening cupboards in this dreamlike setting that is a part of his wedding videography service, dubbed "Ollies".

Stop Motion Saves

This video of wedding videographer Oahu's pre-wedding party is an absolute pleasure to watch. The video begins with photos and captions, before going right into the action, mixing stop motion videos and film clips that move to create a thrilling video of them as they grew closer through the duration of. The video was short but delicious all at once! A normal stop-motion save-the date includes captions, pictures and music. There isn't much dialogue between!