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When to Replace a Windshield: The Ultimate Guide

May 25

Bikers who ride on the roads or roar from the distance, help save animals. Your windshield is getting little scratches, dings, and cracks. Glass is glass. and Glass is broken. Let's now focus on windshield cracks. They are very serious. Let's look at the different kinds of cracks first.


Cracks in the Windshield


  • Crack with Bull's Eye


It is the most frequent kind of crack that occurs when a small pebble hits the windscreen. The impact can form an oval shape, which could result in a small piece of glass breaking off.


  • Ding Crack or Star Crack


The Star Crack is another typical crack. The cause of this crack is sharp rocks or windscreen debris. A star-shaped hole forms by impact. Then, glass pieces break off. If it is not addressed by a professional, a crack in the glass could get worse.


  • Break in the Combination


A combination break can occur when a sharp object or other objects strike. This is the result of a combination of the bull's eye cracks.


  • Cracks around the edges


The edge crack is a crack that extends for a distance of two inches of the liner on the windscreen. The crack can go from small to large in the event that it isn't addressed. This is a typical feature in Indian automobiles. The length of the vehicle can range between 10'' and 12'' and in some instances, even more.


  • Cracked Floater


This crack is very similar to the edge crack except that it is 2 inches away from the windscreen's lining.


  • A crack of the Half Moon


Half-moon cracks resemble bull's eye cracks because they chip away pieces of glass, but are semi-circular, not circular.


  • Cracks due to stress


Stress cracks are interior cracks that are not visible to our fingers. To determine whether a stress fracture is present, one must employ a ballpoint pen to mark it.


Fun fact: A stress crack results from a rapid change in temperature, not an impact. For instance, a vehicle that has been covered with snow must be cleaned with cold water. Hot water could cause an injury to crack if it's spilled.


Let's check if cracks can be repaired or if a new windscreen is required now that we've identified the kinds of cracks.


Do you need to fix it or replace?

Yes! Since the windscreen is composed of laminated glass, it is possible to repair it. This can't be said about the other windows in the car. It is easier to repair cracks using advanced technology. For repairing a windshield, you need to meet certain conditions. When restoring the front windshield, an experienced technician will consider the size, depth, and orientation. Take the vehicle to the nearest glass repair service on the beach and inform them if it's feasible to fix.


Cracks that are larger can be more difficult to repair while smaller chips and dings may be easily fixed. Cracks at the margins are difficult to repair, and so is the size of the fracture. Cracks that are harder to repair or cause tarnish on the vehicle's appearance need to be replaced.

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