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Window Tint Shades: exploring the best options

Jun 7

In a scorching, sunny day, few things can be more unpleasant than getting in the heat of a car. A lot of people are looking to stay away from the sunlight's heat and glare as temperatures rise in Arizona. It's not unusual to tint the windows of your car in San Diego.


Tinted films that are applied to your windows guard you against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and keep heat out. The amount of tinting you get from your window tint affects the amount of light allowed into your car and reduces glare. Furthermore, drivers can select the sort of window film they desire based on their preference or budget!


Tinting the windows of your vehicle in San Diego is possible with a wide range of tint shades and percentages. But choosing the correct shade of tint is a problem for certain.


Alongside price and personal taste, there are other factors to be considered when choosing the best color for the car's windows. But before we begin let's dispel the misunderstanding about the various shades of car tint.

Different Colors For Car Window Tinting


The shade is determined by the visible light transmission (VLT). The percentage of visible light that could be transmitted through the film that tints windows is displayed in a percentage format. The more dark the film, the smaller the proportion. Here are some examples of common percentages:



This tinting shade for windows can help keep half of the sun's rays from the interior of your vehicle. It's among the most effective ways to keep out both UV and heat. The average permissible percentages for all states is this color.


A staggering 35%!

Window tints that have 35% of darkness are the most popular for cars. It is a very popular option due to its aesthetic appeal and UV-blocking capabilities.


A 20 percent increase in the rate of inflation

This particular tint of tinting for windows San Diego film is known as a "factory tint" because it's commonly found on new vehicles.


Fifty Percent

Most people choose 5% of the desired color when tinting their vehicles. "limo tint" refers to the proportion of the car's windows that are covered in a dark color.


Consider the many tints of films designed for windows in cars in making your purchase. In addition to your budget and personal preference, some other essential aspects to consider when deciding on how dark your film must be.

Picking the Right Mobile Shade Percentage

Drivers are then required to make a choice on the tinting film they'll use for their car's window tinting. It isn't easy for drivers who aren't experienced to pick the appropriate tinting film color because of all the factors they need to consider. These issues are vital and the customer should bear them in mind.


Check to ensure that you're complying with Local Laws

There are rules in every state regarding the speed at which dark-tinted vehicles can travel. Each state has its own set of laws regarding the amount of tinting allowed to be applied to the rear, front and side of the windows. Arizona's car tinting laws require that tinted shades of film permit no less than 33% light in, while California's limit is 70%..


Tinting laws are essential in determining the shade of tinting windows in San Diego films. They must be considered first. First, state laws prohibit such actions due to safety reasons. Police officers will have a tougher to spotting suspicious vehicles if the tint is dark. Additionally, the dark film can decrease a driver's visibility increasing the likelihood of an accident.


Be aware of the function behind your shades first.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the goal of the tinting you apply to your car. As previously said, automobile tinting has many advantages. Protection of your passengers from dangerous UV rays is only one of many advantages of having a tinted window. Your goals will influence the percentage of shade that you decide to use.


For example, people who want to limit the dangerous UV rays that enter the vehicle and make the quality of their vehicle can opt for car tints with percentages that are 50% or more.

If you're in search of ways to prevent your windows from becoming too hot try window tinting. A darker tinting film will provide you with more privacy, and also block out more light. Whatever tint color you select, it doesn't really matter. Your car's interior temperature will drop by several degrees.


Mobile Shades can alter the appearance of your vehicle's body.

Many people would like their cars to have dark windows. Certain people prefer untreated glass installed by a factory. Before you decide on tints, ensure that your car is in good condition.


If you're looking to make your car a sleeker exterior choosing darker shades could be the ideal choice. You could, however, opt for a lighter shade when you wish to keep the original look.

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