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Broad Form Insurance Allows You To Insure Your Drivers License!

Oct 16

Broad Form Insurance is an inexpensive way you can meet the Washington state liability insurance requirements to drive legally.

What if you could insure yourself to drive almost any car? What if you could drive legal for less? You can! Call today to get a Broad Form Insurance Quote.

While a broad form insurance policy does have some limitations, it is an inexpensive car insurance option if you just need liability insurance coverage. And best of all, instant proof of insurance is emailed to you!

Can You Get Drivers License Insurance?

Yes, drivers license insurance (aka broad form insurance) insures you to drive almost any car instead of insuring specific cars. A drivers license insurance policy is officially called a Broad Form Insurance Policy. It provides coverage for any personal use vehicle, owned or non-owned, that fits within the definitions of the policy. For example, if you were to borrow your friend’s uninsured car, you would be insured. Your broad form insurance policy will not protect the person who lent you their vehicle.

So, whether you own a car or not, you can insure your drivers license and be insured to drive any car!

Can I Get Broad Form Insurance Near Me?

Yes, Mid-Columbia Insurance offers broad form insurance “near me” if you live anywhere in Washington. You are only one call away from getting your drivers license insured today! We help clients in every city of Washington get the insurance they want at a price they can afford. Get your quote over the phone and sign your application by email. Quick Quotes and Fast Coverage.

How to Get the Best Deal on Broad Form Insurance?

Like all other types of car insurance coverage your rate depends on risk factors such as your age and driving record. Each company weighs these factors differently so it is important to shop around to find the company that “likes you” the most.

Luckily we can do the work for you, getting a Broad Form quote from each of the companies and giving you the choice of picking the company that offers the best payment plan for you.

If you are interested in getting a BroadForm insurance policy or just want a quote, call us or fill out the quote request form. One of our licensed insurance professionals will be glad to answer any questions you have and find you a great rate.

Call Now for Quote!

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